Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Third Users Group Meeting Held

Our third XO users group meeting was held on February 29th. At this time Sam Farsaii shared that we now have a link to NYC XO laptop project and hope to build more collaborative efforts with them.

Jerram Froese then demonstrated how easy it is to re-image an XO that is not functioning well by using a USB-Flash-Drive (also called a thumb drive or pen drive). The process was as simple as downloading your XO image files onto any thumb drive. If you have any problems in the future, then plug in the thumb drive with your backup image and reboot the XO. Two minutes later you have a newly imaged laptop.

While the XO was going through its re-imaging process, Sam demonstrated leveraging web 2.0 resources by bookmarking favorite websites on This way not only you have your favorite sites anytime, anywhere, on any computer, but also you can share your favorites with others at the same time.

Stephanie Gelber next demonstrated Project Gutenberg (, a library of 20,000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired in the USA. This includes over 100,000 book listings, search engines, newsletters, articles, and titles provided through partners, affiliates and volunteers.

Last, Sam Farsaii demonstrated how we to take pictures using the “Record” activity (applications in XO are known as activities). Participants then shared pictures and explored other capabilities of the XO such as chatting with other users.