Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This past Friday we had our 2nd XO meeting in Irving (Dallas / FortWorth) area. Here is what we learned:

Sam Farsaii shared a video from OLPC.TV captured from India, titled: Khairat Village Kids Show Off Their XO Laptops. It is nice to see what other kids are doing with these units across the world, very inspiring. Then we looked at our counter parts OLPC in NYC and their XO implementation. We create a link to their usersgroup to keep in touch. Sam then demonstrated where in Irving we have access to free WIFI, thanks to postings by our folks at The Academy of Irving on Google Maps. Next he demonstrated NewsReader on XO differentiating between pull vs push technology.

Jerram Froese then demonstrated managing content online using Google reader. News and information do not have to reside on your laptop. Given the memory limitation of the XO, users should be encouraged to shift content storage from XO to online resources.

Marilyn who had earlier shared some of her
Logo, notes demonstrated more concepts in Turtle Arts including “loops”.

Lastly, Mikie Kindsfather demonstrated ePals on the XO. The ePals activity allows teachers and students to communicate with the ePals Global Community of learners from around the world. Tim Discipio would have been proud.

YES!!, we have a new record. He setup the XO for the first time in just a couple of seconds!!And he was our most intent listener.